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V Series PRO Hearing Loop Drivers – Powerful, Efficient, Simple

Large area hearing loop drivers installed in venues such as lectures halls, places of worship, and arenas allow multiple hearing instrument wearers to listen to speech or music with complete clarity.

The V Series PRO range is the most technologically advanced set of hearing loop drivers ever released. They’re also some of the simplest to install and operate, placing reliability and ease-of-use first while providing lifelike speech and music reproduction.

We’ve used our fifty years of experience working in the field of assistive technology to create and combine features which installers need to be as efficient as possible.

The installation of hearing loops is treated by many companies as a mysterious process. Confusion has then been worsened by notoriously complicated setup procedures and difficult to understand terminology.

We want to make things simple.

Power and Efficiency

So, what kind of power are the V Series Pro drivers capable of delivering?

Put simply: a whole lot. These drivers were designed to work in facilities and venues across a variety of sizes: meeting rooms, lecture halls, places of worship, gym halls, theatres, concert halls, sports arenas, and many more.

Put less simply:

They’re capable of running class leading power output at maximum level for a minimum of 20 minutes, have advanced Class D technology to ensure high efficiency, power output, and audio performance, with an audio subsystem built around advanced digital systems, including an ARM Cortex processor and dual DSPs.

V22a PRO – 22.66V RMS @ 8A RMS
Phased array hearing loops

V34 PRO – 34V RMS @ 12A RMS
Perimeter hearing loops

V34a PRO – 34aV RMS @ 12A RMS
Phased array hearing loops

Highly rated custom heat-sinks and active cooling mean that even with all that extra power these drivers are reliable, efficient, and quiet. Integrated universal switch mode power supplies also offer high efficiency and power factor correction.

A Breakthrough in Hearing Loop Technology

Power isn’t necessarily anything new with hearing loop drivers, however. What sets the V Series PRO range apart are the integral features which make installing hearing loops as efficient and simple as possible.

  • The unique inbuilt guided loop setup greatly reduces installation time, using an integrated test signal generator to ensure exceptional performance.
  • All adjustments are made with an intuitive and sleek user interface on a full colour high resolution screen.
  • An intelligent self-monitoring system sends out status emails on changes to driver settings via network connectivity.
  • Adjustable audio time delay provides optimal audio syncing across large distances.
  • Modify both drive and loop output levels with an embedded LAN service, minimizing installation time.
  • Daisy chain audio outputs connect multiple drivers to one audio source in large environments.
  • Settings and profiles can be saved to the cloud or a USB storage device.
  • DANTE connectivity can be implemented with an adaptor.

All V Series PRO drivers are packaged with signage to indicate that hearing loops are installed, rack brackets for simple installation in mounting racks, NL4 connector(s), and an IEC power lead.

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