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The secure transfer and storage of objects is a necessity for the smooth running of business in organisations working with cash and documents. Our security solutions guarantee a reliable reputation and prevent threatening situations for staff. We offer bulk transfer units, pedestals, cash trays and many more solutions for your business. Additionally, we offer a vibrating pillow alarm for enhanced safety.

Vibrating Digital Pillow Alarm - VP-01

Our vibrating digital pillow alarm is a wireless and battery-operated device, provided with a pad attachment designed to be placed under a pillow.

Manual Bulk Transfer Unit - BTU-MAN-DSF

This through-the-wall unit is designed for the transfer of packages or bulk cash, between a non-secure and secure area.

Combined BTU & Deposit Unit - EBTU-DEP-245173

This through-the-wall unit combines a chamber for the secure transfer of bulk cash, coinage or other valuables, with a separate quick deposit enclosure.

Square Audio Visual Panel - AVP-500

This secure vision panel has a built-in electronic speech system and call button to enable communication between secure and non-secure areas.

Through Wall/Glass Letterbox - LBOX-GLS-HOR-01 / LBOX-WAL-HOR-01

This letterbox is a secure postal unit for the deposit of documents or valuable goods.

Portable Letterbox - LBOX-PORTABLE

This portable letterbox fits easily to the inside face of a wall or door behind an existing external letter plate.

Receipt Bin - SS-RB-01

This receipt bin is simple yet effective. The unit is emptied via an access door to the front, which is fitted with a lock.

Time Delay Pedestal - SS-PED-101

Our secure pedestal provides a solution to holding important documents, high-value items or cash with three individual locks.

Three Drawer Pedestal - SS-PED-103

The three drawer, single skinned cashier pedestal unit has an open PC compartment.

Light Duty Cash Drawer with Mounting Bracket - SS-CCD01-COMP

This light duty cash drawer has a robust steel casing and is designed to fit neatly under counters.

Shallow Pass Through Tray - SS-PTU34-SS

The shallow pass through tray allows small items such as documents and money to be passed through limited space from an insecure to secure area.

Shallow Pass Through Tray with Speech Transfer System - SS-PTU40-SS

Our shallow pass through tray allows items to be passed between the secure and public sides of a security screen.

Pass Through Tray with Speech Transfer System and Sliding Cursor - SS-PTU75-SS

Our pass through tray features a sliding cursor for extra security which allows items to be passed between secure and public sides of a security screen.

Shotbox - SS-PTU36-SB

Our shotbox has been designed to increase protection for staff.

Small Pass Through Tray with Sliding Cursor - SS-PTU36-SS

The small pass through tray, designed for limited space, allows smaller items to be passed between secure and public sides of a security screen.

Front Opening Deposit Box - SS-DP-W-01

The internal deposit point is designed to allow access to contents via a front opening door.

Rear Opening Deposit Box - SS-DP-W-02

The internal deposit point is designed to allow access to contents via a rear opening door.
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