What is a Hearing Loop?

A hearing loop (also known as an induction loop) is an assistive listening technology that works in conjunction with a hearing device or cochlear implant to tailor the sounds to each individual’s hearing loss. This cuts out all confusing background noise to allow clear, focused sound. Already installed in millions of locations throughout the world, they provide the accessibility many need to engage and communicate freely.

Three out of four people with disabilities have walked away from businesses – including supermarkets, banks, restaurants and transport companies – due to a lack of disability awareness and poor service.

Hearing instruments such as hearing aids amplify close proximity sounds and are effective for short distances. The omni-directional microphones in the hearing instrument picks up all the sounds, including the background noises. This makes it difficult to distinguish the speech, music or conversation in noisy environments.

Hearing loop technology improves communication by enabling users to hear the sound sources only, by direct transmission to the instrument, cutting out background noise.

Hearing loops also transmit the sound from the source to the hearing instrument across large areas, beyond the capabilities of the instrument itself.

How Does A Hearing Loop Work?


Hearing loop technology enhances communication by delivering sound directly to a user’s instruments, filtering out background noise for clearer reception.

Hearing loops extend the reach of sound from the source to the hearing instrument across expansive areas.

The Benefits of Hearing Loops

Through enhanced communication and by pro-actively engaging with the millions of people with hearing loss you can:

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Improve communication and expand customer engagement

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Fulfil legal obligations and boost your social responsibility

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Help people feel understood, included and supported

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Enhance customer experience and satisfaction

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Attract new customers

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Encourage brand loyalty and stand out from your competitors

How Do Hearing Loop Systems Work?

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A hearing loop system provides a direct link to the sound source such as a microphone or television so people with hearing loss can clearly hear what they are trying to listen to. Copper wire is laid and connected to an amplifier to create a magnetic field. This is linked to a microphone or other audio input. Speech or music can then be picked up by the audio input, converted to a magnetic signal by an amplifier, then transmitted towards a user via a hearing loop aerial.

When signs indicate that a hearing loop system is installed, all a user needs to do is turn their hearing device to the ‘T’ position and they will be able to hear with clarity.

Situations that many of us take for granted such as meetings, classes, or trips to the theatre become an impossible feat for those with hearing loss, which affects 1 in 5 of the UK population. Large area hearing loops can help eliminate background noise to aid effective communication.

For someone wearing a hearing device, a hearing aid or cochlear implant), background noise is very often audible over the speaker or performer, impacting upon their experience.

1 to 1 communication should be easy and natural, but instead, it can be a stressful activity which causes fatigue and embarrassment for those with hearing loss. Many people affected even choose not to visit till points or counters that are poorly provisioned.

Technology can be put in place which allows you to realise the full potential of every interaction, resulting in happy customers and an enhanced reputation. There is also legislation that stipulates where hearing loops should be installed. In order to comply with recent regulations, you need to know what they say.

Call us to speak to an advisor for further details and help with specifying the right system for you.


We have been working closely with charities and advocates throughout the world for many years to promote the installation and use of Hearing Loops/Induction Loops.

Charities are often leading the call of people with hearing loss for the availability of accessible equipment and support. These charities aim to help people tackle the challenges that hearing loss can bring more easily, offering shared experiences, practical support and guidance.

The ultimate goal is to help them to communicate with friends, family and service providers easily and with confidence. Charities run national campaigns that are pivotal to raising awareness about the benefits that hearing loops can bring.

This helps encourage those with hearing loss to speak up about the need for solutions that make their lives easier and deliver fair access to services and society.

Some of our charity partners include Hearing Link, RNID and the HLAA.

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