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Where can a hearing loop be installed?

There are multiple types of hearing loop systems, so there are many possibilities. There are counter loops for one to one communication systems available for use in all types of rooms, including large areas such as theatres or places of worship, as well as domestic hearing loop systems for use in the home.

Do I need a portable hearing loop or a fixed loop?

Fixed loops are the perfect solution for a setting where one to one communication takes place regularly, giving the highest quality listening experience for the hearing aid wearer. A portable hearing loop can be moved between rooms as required and is used in small rooms where conversation between two people takes place. It is important to make sure a portable hearing loop is charged at all times so that it can be used when requested.

How do people know if there is a hearing loop installed?

As hearing loops are usually out of sight it is important to make people aware that a hearing loop is available. Signs should be clearly placed wherever there is a hearing loop installed.

Is a fixed counter loop always on?

Yes. Our fixed loops are always ready to use. Our unique amplifiers are extremely energy efficient, with an automatic standby mode, saving energy by up to 80% during quiet periods.

Will a hearing loop interfere with any other equipment?

With modern technology, it is rare that there is any interference. Older computer monitors, electrical wires and transformers can cause interference or produce low pitched buzzing. However, this problem can be avoided with the specialist configuration and installation.

How can I tell if a hearing loop is working?

If you do not wear a hearing aid, you will need a Loop Listener (IL-RX20) to check the hearing loop. Additionally, a number of our sophisticated systems include other indicators e.g. lights will inform your staff that the system is fully functioning.

What maintenance is required?

It is important to regularly check that a hearing loop is working so that customers can always benefit from using it. We recommend a visit once a year by engineers to make sure everything is in full working order. If you are UK based, we have our own fleet of engineers countrywide who can maintain your system, offering peace of mind that your investment is protected.

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