V34a PRO Dual Output Hearing Loop Driver

Contacta V34 PRO hearing loop driver product shot

Our highly efficient and powerful V34a PRO is a constant current hearing loop driver with dual output for phased array loop layouts. It is designed for large facilities and venues.

It has a Class-D amplifier output stage and an audio subsystem built around advanced digital systems including an ARM Cortex processor and dual DSPs. Combined with a powerful CPU to ensure peak performance, the V34a PRO provides self-monitoring and email alerts, remote setup over local area networks, guided hearing loop setup to make installation simple, and excellent speech and music reproduction.

V-PRO Hearing Loop Driver Introduction


  • Inbuilt guided hearing loop setup utilising an integral test signal generator
  • Intelligent self-monitoring system supplies status emails on changes to driver functions
  • Dual-DSP controlled automatic gain control and high frequency compensation for metal loss
  • Class-D amplifier output stage capable of delivering 12ARMS @ >34VRMS
  • Highly-rated custom heat-sinks and active cooling
  • Integrated universal switch mode power supplies provide ultra-efficient power utilisation (up to 90% efficient)
  • Constant current output stage
  • Adjustable audio time delay for audio syncing across large distances
  • Intuitive and sleek user interface on a full colour, high resolution LCD
  • Adjust both drive and loop output levels using an embedded LAN service, minimising installation time
  • Settings/profiles saved to a USB storage device
  • Continuous self-testing
  • Integrated protection circuits with temperature, voltage, short circuit and DC detection
  • Full width 1U 19” rack mount
Hearing Loop Hub at Contacta

Hearing Loop Hub

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