Hotels offered free advice to create sound welcome for guests with hearing loss

Operators are being offered free advice to help welcome guests with hearing loss.

The ‘hidden’ disability affects some 12 million people in the UK, and an estimated 1.5 billion people worldwide.

Assistive listening technology can transform communication for those who use hearing aids, amplifying conversation and making interactions at reception more efficient, and events more inclusive.

The free guide for loops in hotels is available here.

Head of Sales, Shelley Rolfe, says:

“Accessibility awareness is growing in the industry and few premises now are without ramped entrances, automated doors and accessible toilet facilities.  But there is still scope to improve the welcome offered to guests with hearing loss.

“With an ageing population, and hearing damage to younger people through headphone use, the incidence of hearing loss is increasing so it makes good business sense to invest in technology now.

“Hearing loops are the ideal assistive listening system for hotels as they are universally recognised technology.  That means that wherever in the world a guest comes from, if their hearing aid or cochlear implant has the T-coil feature inside it, it will work with a hearing loop.”

The hearing loop turns sound from a microphone on the reception desk into a magnetic signal that is picked up by the T-coil.  It then converts into clear speech, cutting out confusing background noise.

Perfect for one-to-one service, hearing loops also offer wedding guests or conference delegates sound clarity in function suites.  Loops can also enable individual guests to hear their television clearly, minimising potential disruption to neighbouring rooms.

“We’ve developed this guide to give hotel operators clear information about assistive listening technology and help them to see what it can do for their business, as well as how it helps them to meet their accessibility obligations,” Shelley added.

“Ultimately, we want guests with hearing loss to have a great experience wherever they stay.”

Contacta is a market-leader in assistive listening with more than 50 years’ experience in the sector.  Its systems are used by a number of operators including Kimpton and Premier Inn.

The guide is free to download HERE.

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