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‘Tis the season to be checking

The Christmas shopping period is already underway as people look to spread the cost of giving to friends and family.

This is an ideal time for facilities managers and store managers to check hearing loops at checkouts and service counters are working, and working to the correct standard.

With many stores retaining the clear screens put in place during the COVID pandemic, checks should also include window intercom systems so every shopper – not just those with hearing loss – get a clear service.

Our five step guide will help to make it a season of goodwill and good listening.

  1. Book an appointment with our engineers

You may be confident that your hearing loops are working well.  Why?  Because you’ve had no complaints!  But people with hearing loss who can’t use your hearing loop might not mention it’s not working; they may just take their business elsewhere.

And while the loop may be working, the sound quality might not be up to the required IEC 60118-4 standard.

Our engineers can come to check your systems whether they are Contacta hearing loops or another manufacturer’s. Get in touch today and be confident you’re providing the very best service to your customers.

  1. Re-think after refurbs

Your store may have had a refurbishment, till points repositioned or other changes that might have affected the hearing loops.

Simple checks you can do yourself include making sure the power is switched on and cable connections are secure.

If you have a portable loop, make sure it is always charged and ready to use. And that staff know where to find it!

  1. Sticky tape can damage more than your reputation

Counter screens can get knocked and damaged overtime and this can affect the equipment secured to them.

The microphone of a window intercom system must be accurately positioned and secured; it should never be taped with masking tape or sticky tape.

Call our installation team to rectify any problems with a system you may have.  With Christmas music and the noise of a busy store, you want to make sure customers can hear clearly and that your store looks as good as it sounds.

  1. Order signage if it’s missing

Customers with hearing loss don’t always want to share that they can’t hear.  If you have clear signage in place, they know a hearing loop has been installed and can discreetly switch their hearing device to the ‘T’ position.

If you don’t have signs, or you need more, you can order those from us.  One needs to be wherever you have a loop, so if there is one at every till, every till needs a sign.

Make sure they’re not obscured by tinsel, special offers or Christmas trees!

  1. Loops are not just for Christmas

Give yourself the Christmas present of a regular maintenance contract.  This will give you peace of mind that your system is working well and your customers are getting a good, clear service all year round.

Our products are designed to last for years, even decades, and we aim to replace parts rather than entire systems.  Keeping them in good working order helps to prolong their life and protects your investment.

Christmas shopping can have many stresses but hearing clearly shouldn’t be one of them.

Made In The UK MADE IN THE UK: We’re proud to say our Contacta designed products are manufactured in the UK

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