Screen partition

Partitions (screened barriers) in a time of crisis

Partitions at customer-facing desks and windows – screens made from security glass or polycarbonate – were disappearing from retail outlets and public venues over the 2000s and 2010s as physical security considerations became less pressing factors and a more welcoming approach to visitors became the desired approach.

In recent weeks, however, the concerns about maintaining good hygiene and its effect on the health of individuals have been highlighted by the coronavirus crisis. There is a greater awareness of space and sanitation considerations, meaning there is a shift towards environments that place the safety of staff and customers first.

People want to be protected, so partitions have begun reappearing at service counters and points of contact in every walk of life.

Is communication easy for your customers?

Screened barriers may provide security, but they can be a barrier to clear communication. Muffled voices make transactions frustrating for everyone involved.

Companies need to ensure that speech issues are being carefully considered, as communication through safety screens in banks, post offices, and other customer-facing organisations will not be easy for customers or staff without speech transfer systems to aid it.

Speech transfer systems ensure that customers and staff can converse freely and flawlessly.

Speech can be transferred effectively through obstacles using open duplex technology, which negates the use of ‘push to talk’ or voice switched operation. These speech transfer systems provide high quality, handsfree conversations to take place between staff and customers, providing the best communication experience possible.


Contacta speech transfer systems allow hassle-free installation, and once installed they enable staff to go about their duties with no disruptions.

  • Provide crystal clear communication through screens and barriers
  • Always on, meaning no button presses required to start communication
  • Robust, long-lasting, and easy to clean
  • A huge range of design options available to meet every need
  • All systems include an integrated hearing loop
  • Unique optional features: headset connection output via a Break Out Box, LED Call alert function and call recording output


Inclusivity and accessibility are also key to engaging customers.

A hearing loop is therefore included with every Contacta speech transfer system, meaning customers with hearing loss who wear compatible hearing instruments (hearing aids, neck loops, etc.) will receive audio transmitted directly to their device.

Our speech transfer systems can be customised for a wide variety of applications and environments.

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Made In The UK MADE IN THE UK: We’re proud to say our Contacta designed products are manufactured in the UK

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