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Sales Coordinator, Will, is keeping it in the family

It wasn’t always a given that Sales Coordinator, Will Thomas, would enter the family business.

Contacta was founded by his granddad and his mum, dad, uncle and cousin are all members of staff.  But Will was aiming to become a personal trainer.

It was only when he did some part time work in the company’s warehouse in 2017, he realised that working at Contacta could become a career.

“I had other things in mind, but I really enjoyed working there,” Will remembers.  “I started out working part-time, then went full-time three months later and ended up being there for two years.”

Another change happened when Will was asked to support one of our engineers who’d suffered a shoulder injury.  Will acted as his driver, taking him to site surveys and installations until the shoulder was sufficiently healed.

Being on site gave Will insight into an engineer’s role and he decided it was one he wanted to try.

With such an extensive product range and a broad variety of skills needed, there were no ‘family shortcuts’. Will undertook several weeks of training before he could take on his own patch.  Based in the South East, Will worked across counties from Portsmouth in Hampshire to Great Yarmouth in Norfolk.

When a vacancy in the sales team became available, Will hoped his experience across the business would stand him in good stead. He applied for the role and was successful.

He’s now one of four sales coordinators, handling orders secured by the sales managers and executives.

“Although I’m part of the family, I don’t expect any perks,” he says.  “I know the business inside out and that helps the end customer.  I’ve been in banks and hospitals when hearing loops have been installed and seen the difference they make to people.

“That’s the best part of it.”

While Will says working with family members is a little strange, he can see being a part of Contacta long-term.

“This new role is an opportunity to see a different aspect of Contacta, broaden my horizons and see what’s possible in the business.”

Made In The UK MADE IN THE UK: We’re proud to say our Contacta designed products are manufactured in the UK

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