Contacta staff take the RNID hearing check

We’re very used to having check-ups with a dentist or optician yet few of us think about our hearing.

Recent research by the RNID found that only 6% of people in the UK, who haven’t been diagnosed with hearing loss, took a hearing check in the previous 12 months.

As the RNID’s assistive listening installation partner, we were aware of their findings, and prompted a number of our team to try out the charity’s online hearing check.

The check takes just a few minutes and staff were able to complete it at their desks, at home and in the office. They listened to a series of numbers at varied frequencies and volume levels then and had to input what they heard.

“Due to working in the sector we are in, I am always thinking about my hearing being tested and I have had tests before,” said Ran, our Head of New Business Development.

“This test was very easy to use. I will definitely check my hearing again and go to see an audiologist if a hearing loss is detected.”

All of our team who took the check commented how easy it was to complete, and how willing they’d be to use it again if they noticed any changes in their ability to hear.

For Hannah in our design team, the results have prompted greater awareness of potential hearing loss.

“The results were surprising,” she said.  “They showed I do have some early hearing loss.  Now I’m a bit more careful with my headphone volume limit.”

The website also offers advice on protecting your ears and hearing, and how to spot the signs of hearing loss.

“I will use this service in the future if I have any concerns, as it is very straight-forward and convenient to do from home,” added Annie from our sales team.

Take RNID’s quick, free hearing check at

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