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From headlines to endnotes – Senior Marketing Executive, James Ferrett

Senior Marketing Executive at Contacta, James Ferrett, is the man behind the marketing materials related to Contacta’s products. From graphic design, to copywriting in print and on the website, to explanatory guides, to installations videos, to user manuals and specification sheets, James translates technical detail into accessible information for our customers and dealers.

He cut his marketing teeth on a position with a regional newspaper group – Trinity Mirror, now known as Reach Plc – working with 17 different titles.

With three years of experience under his belt, it was time to move on and James spotted a vacancy at Contacta.

“I liked the look of the company, I thought it looked a good thing to do,” he remembers.  “The main draw was what they were selling.  I knew Contacta were a company with a positive impact on people’s lives and that was attractive to me.”

James’ role now demands a broad range of skills, a key one being maintaining long term relationships with Contacta’s network of partners and distributors worldwide.

“It’s important I make sure they have the materials they need,” said James.  “That can involve customising things for their websites, tweaking documents to use language local to their region or referencing installation standards in their country.  I also make sure there is brand consistency in the materials. We want the Contacta brand to have a strong and recognisable presence.”

The COVID pandemic brought about a greater focus on online marketing as trade shows, both in the UK and overseas, disappeared. Contacta’s marketing mix changed almost overnight.

A new product range was introduced, including FM and infrared assistive listening systems, and a new range of window intercoms, meaning James had to adapt quickly to provide optimal support to the sales team.

Contacta have supported James to develop a new skill set for much greater web-related work, including video production.

He has created a range of new ‘how to’ installation videos which translate installation manuals into visual guides.  He says Contacta have been fantastic in encouraging his progression in his role.

“They are really supportive when it comes to training,” he says.  “I’ve done courses on search engine optimisation, Google ad words, website development – Contacta are great at making sure I have the resources I need to do my job.”

He also manages our database of subscribers, compiling and distributing newsletters to more than 4,000 contacts.

James is also a dedicated member of the team because he knows the importance of the end result.

“Providing the right support to the sales team and knowing the products I’m marketing make a real difference is the best thing for me.”

Made In The UK MADE IN THE UK: We’re proud to say our Contacta designed products are manufactured in the UK

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