Contacta Engineer Installation Ceiling cabling

Engineers ‘COVID-safe’ so installations can continue

Contacta engineers have been working throughout the pandemic to make sure work for our customers is able to continue.

All of our field engineers are provided with personal protective equipment including fluid-resistant face masks, gloves and hand sanitiser.

Many of them have had their first vaccination and we are currently looking at supplying our engineers with rapid flow tests so they can test themselves weekly, or prior to a specific job.


Safe installation of window intercoms


Demand for market-leading window intercoms has soared because of the prevalence of protective screens everywhere from major supermarkets to hospitals, private hire taxis to care homes.

Because they are simple to install, our engineers are able to spend minimal time on site. They are also provided with sanitising wipes to clean their work area before handing over to the client.

Field Engineer, James Graves, has recently been working in a venue in London being used as a COVID testing centre.

“We are always happy to take a COVID test, if the client asks us to, before we start work on their site.

“If we’re going into settings like care homes, where residents are particularly vulnerable, we wear a full body suit so both we and the client have the highest level of protection.”


Compliance with safety protocols


Our team always comply with a site’s infection control protocols. Engineers have continued to visit premises across the UK to provide essential maintenance, install hearing loops, RF and IR systems, and educate staff to use them effectively.

The closure of much of the high street over the last 18 months, and reduced opening hours for banks and some essential retailers, has meant Contacta’s engineers have been able to install our assistive listening products safely in the absence of customers and the majority of staff.


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A site visit by one of our engineers helps to identify the right solutions to your business’ accessibility and communication weak spots.

A small investment in a site visit can transform communication between staff and customers in any business.

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Made In The UK MADE IN THE UK: We’re proud to say our Contacta designed products are manufactured in the UK

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