NEW 2024 Contacta product ranges

Following the successful conclusion of ISE 2024, we are excited to share more details about the new products showcased at the show. As always, these solutions are designed to enhance sound quality in various environments.

V+ Range – Advanced Hearing Loop Drivers

The V+ range stands at the forefront of hearing loop driver technology, ideal for small to medium spaces, the new V+ range is a significant upgrade to our best-selling V Series drivers, offering new features incorporated within the same cabinet. New features include:

  • Adjustable audio time-delay up to 70ms.
  • Switchable AGC (on/off).
  • High-pass filter for improved sound quality.
  • Enhanced loop diagnostics for constant system monitoring.
  • Continuous self-testing to ensure top performance all of the time.

RF Assistive Listening Range: RF 865/915

At ISE 2024, we unveiled our new Radio Frequency 865/915 series. A full overview is available here for comparison with our previous range; the new systems feature:

  • Vastly improved sound quality, wider frequency bandwidth suitable for music or speech.
  • Increased transmission range.
  • Fast group programming via PC and smart chargers.
  • Improved audio connectivity – two independently controlled inputs (Mic and Aux), Inbound Bluetooth Streaming, balanced audio connections and optional Built-in Dante connectivity.
  • Allnew Handheld Direct Transmitter.
  • High Quality OLED screens for better clarity for both installer and users.
  • Two transmission protocols 865MHz (UK/EU) or 915MHz (USA/AU).

This significant advancement provides a flawless listening experience across different settings.

RX-30 Rechargeable Hearing Loop Listener

The RX-30 allows individuals without hearing aids to access sound from hearing loop systems. This new device allows anyone to tap into the sound omitted by hearing loop systems, using a headset or earphones.

  • Compact, rechargeable design, allowing free movement and manoeuvrability in public venues.
  • Access to clear sound from hearing loops for non-hearing aid users.
  • Personal volume control.
  • Low cut filter eliminates low-frequency humming.
  • Ability to hear every word across large distances without latency.
  • Easy to use ‘drop-in’ charging bases.

Our latest assistive listening technologies enhance accessibility and the overall user experience in diverse environments, from small venues to transport vehicles.

For more information on how these products can benefit your business, contact us by clicking here.

Made In The UK MADE IN THE UK: We’re proud to say our Contacta designed products are manufactured in the UK

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