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Southfield hospital -- concept image by an artist

Hearing Loops at Southfields Veterinary Specialists

Southfields Veterinary Specialists have opened a new 42,000 square-foot veterinary hospital in Basildon, consisting of 180 kennels, seven operating theatres, and 24/7 emergency services to provide needed treatment for animals whenever necessary.

Hearing accessibility has been vital for staff and visitor communication. The site management wanted to ensure clear communication throughout two seminar rooms for people with hearing loss, Contacta’s expert team on assistive listening technology were consulted on finding the most suitable solutions for these spaces.

A survey was booked to assess the specific needs of the location, assess how metal content in the structure could impact performance, and check for conditions that  can impact the suitability of different assistive listening system types. Following the site visit Contacta installers recommended installation of two phased array hearing loop systems in the floor. These systems would provide  clear sound quality directly to the hearing devices of people with hearing loss, cutting out background noises in these rooms.

Contacta’s installers had to install the flat copper tape according to a specific layout. This process had to be completed prior to the latex flooring layer being poured into place; the copper hearing loop tape had to be secured to the concrete surface to ensure it does not cause issues to the latex layer. The team had to carry out a thorough clean of the concrete surface to allow optimal adhesion of the tape.

The above pictures show how the hearing loop tape was laid down using spray-paint and a laser level, and all loop tapes were arranged and installed to the precise measurements of Contacta’s installation designs.

The systems were then tested and met all relevant standards, and was commissioned to meet the  IEC 60118-4 Induction Loop Systems Performance Standard.

A return visit is arranged for this Southfields site later in 2022 to install ceiling microphones and two V15a hearing loop drivers, which will power both loops. This will connect the sound sources to the phased array loops and complete the project. Clear signage will also be installed to make it clear that hearing loops are available for any visitors or staff.

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