Portable Radio Frequency Receiver 865MHz / 915MHz – RF-RX1-865/915

RF-RX1 pp

A lightweight Portable Radio Frequency Receiver is compatible with all Contacta RF-865/915 transmitters. The wide frequency bandwidth of this system makes it ideal from transmission of both speech and music, delivering crystal-clear intelligible sound.

The system offers fast programming of up to 42 selectable channels and there is no limit to the number of receivers that can be used in each group. The receiver can be used for either assistive listening or tour guide applications.


Recharging the RF-RX1 is quick and easy using the RF-DC24 drop-in charging case.


Ideal for assistive listening, tour guidance, or interpretation.

  • Museums
  • Historical Sites
  • Exhibitions/Events/Conferences
  • Outdoor Tours
  • Assistive Listening

Product Sheet

Installation Manual


Portable Radio Frequency Receiver `{`RF-RX1-865/915`}`

A lightweight Portable Radio Frequency Receiver which provides high-quality sound received from compatible transmitters.

Lanyard `{`RF-LAN`}`

Micro-USB Power Cable `{`USB-M100`}`

Earphones `{`RF-IEH`}`

2 x AA Batteries

2 x AA 1.2V 2100mA rechargeable (NiMH) batteries `{`only included with 865MHz, not in 915MHz`}`


Portable Radio Frequency Transmitter `{`RF-TX1-865/915`}`

The compact Portable Radio Frequency Transmitter delivers wireless transmission of speech and music to compatible portable receivers `{`RF-RX1-865/915`}`.

24 Bay Charger Tray `{`RF-DC24`}`

This charger is for use with our Portable RF Transmitter and Portable RF Receiver and can hold up to 24 receivers in a standing position.

Ear-Worn Microphone `{`RF-TX1-EM`}`

This ear-worn microphone is compatible with the Portable Radio Frequency Transmitter `{`RF-TX1-865/915`}` and has a 1.2 metre cable and mini-XLR connector.

Made In The UK MADE IN THE UK: We’re proud to say our Contacta designed products are manufactured in the UK

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