Large Area Vehicle Hearing Loop Driver – VLD1


The Large Area Vehicle Hearing Loop Driver is a durable unit designed to enhance communication throughout transport vehicles such as buses and coaches.

This dual-output driver powers phased array and perimeter hearing loops with an Class-D amplifier output stage and an audio subsystem built around an advanced DSP core.

Automatic gain control and high-frequency compensation provide control in environments with metal loss.


  • 2 x Independent loop outputs (selectable 0° and 90° phase shift)
  • Voltage: >12VRMS | Current: >4ARMS
  • Line level Input (balanced and transformer isolated)
  • Line high voltage level input (balanced and transformer isolated)
  • Universal line or microphone input (microphone bias: optimised for Contacta microphones)
  • DSP controlled automatic gain control and high- frequency compensation for metal loss
  • Integrated protection circuits with temperature, voltage, short-circuit and DC detection
  • Compact chassis with mounting brackets
  • Flexible signal routing:
  • Line/mic input can feed one loop output whilst other inputs feed the second output, or,
  • All inputs can feed both outputs – outputs can then be selected as 0° and 90° phase shift
  • Connector: WAGO 769 series
  • Digital audio input [optional extra]

Product Sheet

User Guide

Software User Guide

Hearing Loop Standards

  • 2012/19-EU – The Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment Directive
  • 2015/863/EU – The Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive
  • EMC: EN/ECE R10 (EMC for vehicle components)
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