V7 Single Output Hearing Loop Driver


Our highly efficient and compact V7 is a constant current hearing loop driver with a single output. It is suitable for smaller facilities and venues.

It has a Class-D amplifier output stage and an audio subsystem built around an advanced DSP core. Combined with a powerful CPU to ensure peak performance, the V7 uses cutting edge technology proven in the pro audio world to achieve lifelike speech and first-class music reproduction.


  • DSP controlled automatic gain control and high frequency compensation for metal loss
  • Class-D amplifier output stage capable of delivering 5Arms @ >7Vrms
  • Ultra-efficient power utilisation (up to 90% efficient)
  •  True constant current output stage
  • Simple user interface
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Sleep mode
  • Continuous self-testing
  • Integrated protection circuits with temperature, voltage, short circuit and DC detection
  • Compact half-width 1U chassis

Product Sheet

User Guide

System Components

PS-55 Power Supply

The PS-55 Power Supply is a Level VI power supply.


Dual V-Series Mounting Bracket & Shelf

Our brackets and shelves are used to mount hearing loop drivers to a 19`` rack and would be suitable for mounting with existing equipment

6U Rack Cabinet

Our 19`` equipment rack cabinet features a lockable front, left or right hinged doors and removable side panels for easy maintenance.

Hearing Loop Hub

Visit our Hearing Loop Hub to see how hearing loops work, what different types of loops can do for your business, the latest information on legislations and standards, and frequently asked questions.

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