RX30-DC55 Bay Charging Station


The Contacta RX30-DC5 is a charging bay for up to 5 RX30 Rechargeable Hearing Loop Listeners.  Four RX30-DC5 Charging Bays can be daisy-chained together to charge 20 Receivers using a single power supply.

The 10 bay charger setup will require 2 charging bays, 1 power supply and 1 linking cable.

The 15 bay charger setup will require 3 charging bays, 1 power supply and 2 linking cables.

The 20 bay charger setup will require 4 charging bays, 1 power supply and 3 linking cables.


For use where hearing loop systems provide multiple hearing loop listeners, in venues such as:

  • Lecture halls, schools and universities
  • Cinemas and Theatres
  • Places of Worship
  • Conference and Meeting Rooms

Product Sheet

System Components


5 Bay Charging Station

Power Supply with item code RX30-DC5-PS

Linking cable with item code RX30-DC5-LINK

Linking cable allows up to 4 charging bays to be daisy chained together and utilize one power supply for up to 20 RX30 Loop Listeners



Rechargeable Loop Listener

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