Remote Monitoring Module – RMM1


The Remote Monitoring Module is an accessory for HLD7 and HLD9 hearing loop drivers. The device is designed to provide remote visual monitoring and control of the following:

  • Up to two HLD7 or HLD9 units in standalone configuration, or,
  • One pair of HLD7s or HLD9s in phased array configurations.

When a user is on-site, the Remote Monitoring Module can adjust both drive levels and loop output levels via an embedded web service. This can be done from both desktop and mobile devices on site without the need to return to the driver(s) location, reducing installation time.

The module connects to the hearing loop driver’s self-monitoring system and will send an email alert if a fault arises.


  • This system monitors a number of events that can activate the automatic alarm, including:
    • Hearing loop aerial disconnect
    • Power failure
    • Communication failure
    • Overtemperature

Product Sheet

User Guide

System Components

Remote Interface Unit

HLD Connection Cable (x2)

Network Cable

Power Supply (Micro USB)

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