HLD7 Hearing Loop Driver

HLD7 Hearing Loop Driver

Our HLD7 is a modular hearing loop driver designed for medium sized facilities such as meeting rooms, lecture halls, places of worship and small theatres. A single HLD7 is used for perimeter configurations, while two HLD7s linked together provide phased array configurations.

Efficient management of power enables the unit to be extremely compact.


  • Perimeter and 90° phase shifted (DSP controlled) amplifier output stages capable of delivering 6Arms @ 15Vrms
  • Flexible configuration
  • Efficient power utilisation
  • Sleep mode
  • High frequency compensation
  • Continuous self-testing
  • Accurate, lockable controls (front panel mounted)
  • Input and drive level indication
  • Intelligent protection system
  • Flexible audio inputs
  • Interface to external communication devices
  • Digital Signal Processor

System Components

PS-60 Power Supply

The PS-60 Power Supply is a Level VI power supply for use with V12a Hearing Loop Driver, HLD5 Hearing Loop Driver and HLD7 Hearing Loop Driver.

Hearing Loop Hub

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