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TV Room Loop transforms quality of life for Fred

It had become a challenge for Fred Bonage to watch television because of his hearing loss. Aged 90, he was losing the pleasure of his favourite programmes despite wearing hearing aids.

Keen to find a solution, Fred’s granddaughter Maxine purchased and installed a Contacta HLD3 Home Loop Kit at his home.

The system consists of a loop pad that can be positioned under the seat cushion. The HLD3 driver plugs into the TV and transmits the signal to the pad which is then picked up by the telecoil in Fred’s hearing aid.

Having been thrilled with the transformation the HLD3 and Loop Pad have delivered, Maxine contacted us for advice when he moved into a new flat.

Following the death of his wife, he was now also concerned about not being able to hear the doorbell ringing or the telephone.

The HLD3 kit contains a 38-metre roll of copper loop cable which was then installed around the perimeter of Fred’s new lounge, tucked under the carpet.

The frequency response of the system was adjusted to Fred’s preferred setting to optimize his listening experience.

Because of the overspill from the loop cable, Fred can now hear his favourite shows even when he goes into another room.

“It is absolutely amazing,” said Maxine. “Grandad gave me the thumbs up immediately we switched it on.

“He has a complete wire-free solution and can move around the room without losing signal.

“What is really amusing to him, he can even go in the bathroom and hear the TV still!!!!”

The HLD3 kit also includes an external microphone which picks up surrounding noise. This means the sound of the phone, the doorbell or people talking in the room is picked up so Fred doesn’t miss out on anything.

His new accommodation has a communal lounge and his family wondered if there was anything available that would help him tune into conversations when he was socialising with the other residents.

Contacta’s IL-PL20 portable loop was the ideal solution. Fred carries this rechargeable unit just like a small shopping bag and places it on the table where its in-built microphone enables him to chat easily with his new neighbours.

“This is amazing and I hope you take comfort in knowing what a massive difference your product has made to Grandad,” said Maxine.  “We are all as a family so very, very, grateful and appreciative of everything. Truly amazed and very happy.”

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