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Transport Malta hearing loop

Clear sound at Transport Malta

‘Transport Malta’ is a government body operating under the authority of the Maltese Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. The organisation oversee all aspects of transport on the island of Malta for maritime, road and air travel. This includes building and maintenance of roads, public transport infrastructure, sea transport and regulation of Malta’s Civil Aviation Authority.

Transport Malta has been refurbishing some of its customer care outlets on the island over the last few years. Its Driver and Vehicle Licensing Unit in the town of Lija was fitted with Contacta STS-K001L ‘Bridge Bar’ systems at its ticket office in 2018. It has performed faultlessly since the installation took place.

Our installation partner in Malta, Genaudio Ltd, was involved with the refurbishment programme from the beginning. As part of a new 2020 refurbishment of their unit in the town of Paola, a site visit was carried out prior to the refurbishment phase. They reviewed the drawings to plan the best way of integration of new speech transfer systems in the existing service desks.

Following a previous positive experience, the Contacta STS-K001L system was preferred as its steel construction ensured long lasting performance on site. The adjustments on the Contacta A31-H amplifier meant the sound level could be controlled to reduce interference. Due to the noisy environment outside the ticket office, it was important to use these settings to reduce an over-spill of sound between counters, whilst improving communication and confidentiality.

The installation of 15 systems at the Paola unit took place in July 2020. During which Genaudio Ltd engineers had to overcome tight spaces underneath the counter tops. The limited space presented a challenge for routing the cables from the staff and customer units to the amplifier. The installation of the under-counter hearing loop aerial also required careful planning.

Genaudio Ltd have recently installed three more Contacta systems at the Transport Malta Dockers section in Floriana.

Joe Genovese, Managing Director of Genaudio Ltd said: “the customer evaluated the other systems, but the difference in sound and build quality between these and the Contacta system that were offered was evident. We had a positive experience for many years having supplied and installed over 100 Contacta STS systems in banks, post office branches and hospitals in Malta, so we did not hesitate to recommend the STS-K001L”.

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