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Kennedy Space Center

Clarity at NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre

The Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex in Florida welcomes more than 1.7 million people every year who come to enjoy America’s history of space exploration.

Like any attraction with a high number of visitors, it was vital for the Centre to keep people moving efficiently through the entrance gates.  It also needed to make facilities accessible for people with disabilities.

However, the busy environment meant staff and customers were having difficulties being heard clearly at the secure ticket windows.

Centre management contacted our local dealer, Complete Hearing Solutions, to provide a speech transfer system with adequate volume that would improve communication.  They also wanted the system to have a contemporary design.

Bespoke design

Complete Hearing Solutions recommended the Contacta STS-K058 and installed a trial system at one ticket window. Its overhead speakers left the window area clear and the uniquely-developed bullet-proof adapter fixed the microphone centrally at the customer side.

The Complete Hearing Solution team also combined a customised microphone adapter with an embedded NASA logo.

A successful trial

The great improvement in sound quality and clarity was immediately evident.  After a pilot period of a few months, the Centre installed the Contacta system in all 18 of its ticket offices at the main entrance.

Hearing loop systems were integrated in each one at the same time for the benefit of visitors with hearing loss.

Flexible installation

Complete Hearing Solutions had to work around the venue’s challenging schedule.  It was given specific time slots so as not to disrupt the extremely busy flow of daily visitors.

The management of the complex were delighted with the outcome.  The discussions that followed with Complete Hearing Solutions resulted in a large area hearing loop system being installed in the IMAX theatres on site, as well as a second system in the Universe Theatre in early 2020.

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