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Jackson Casino Contacta STS-K071

Jackson Rancheria Casino window intercom systems

Commitment to Safety

Set in the Sierra foothills, Mississippi USA, Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort provides casino entertainment as well as hotel lodgings, a caravan park, dining services, concerts, weddings and more. Along with a commitment to fun, is also a commitment to the health and safety of visitors and employees.

With the well-being of everyone that visits or works at the casino being a top priority, various measures were implemented in-line with safety and hygiene guidelines.  Along with the requirement of face masks, other measures were put in place including temperature checks, health screenings, new sanitising protocols, social distancing and plexiglass dividers at communication stations.

These measurements help in protecting visitors from the transmission of Covid-19 and other safety concerns. But the Casino recognised this can present difficulties with communication, particularly with the installation of safety screens. Jackson Casino therefore took steps to ensure safety as well as quality communication for both staff and visitors by installing Contacta’s window intercom systems throughout the resort.

Window Intercom Systems

At the stations throughout the casino where communication takes place through a plexiglass screen, an STS-K071 or STS-K072 Window Intercom System was installed. These areas included the casino cashier counters, players club, Pacific Grill restaurant, Margaret’s café & bakery and petrol station registers.

The speaker and microphone pods with these systems can be free standing or surface mounted, which allowed the casino to place the equipment to best compliment the needs of different counters and screens.  Slight alterations to the plexiglass partitions were also made to allow for a small shelf for the STS-M70 microphones to sit on.  This allowed the microphones to be correctly positioned at optimal height for them to pick up speech.

The benefits of these systems have been recognised by both staff and customers, who now appreciate the ability to communicate with ease, while also maintaining safety protocols in the midst of a global pandemic.

Why Contacta?

In response to Covid-19, Contacta adapted their existing range to suit a broader scope of applications, whilst preserving their renowned high-quality. The launch of a new range of window intercom systems enabled clear communication through screens that were being installed at a rapid pace across service points in almost every sector.  The STS-K070/71/72 kits are cost effective, fast to manufacture and install, provide high sound quality and performance. The systems are hands-free, easily to sanitised and can accommodate low, moderate and high ambient noise conditions through microphone selection.

Senior staff at Jackson Casino decided on the STS-K071 and STS-K072 kits because as well as providing a sleek design and quality sound performance, the product came at an excellent price. The aesthetics and simplicity of use fit perfectly with the needs of the Jackson Rancheria Casino.

By installing these window intercom system, Jackson Casino has provided an environment of safety and inclusivity to staff and visitors needs.


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