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Clear communication for hydrogen centre

Swindon is home to the Johnson Matthey fuel cell component manufacturing facility, where the latest technology is creating clean power through the use of hydrogen.

Development and research is carried out in a hermetically secure, sanitized environment but staff inside need to communicate with those in the warehouse.  They had been communicating with the warehouse using handheld radios, if conversations were short. For longer discussions, staff had to go into an airlock – a small room between both areas.

Neither of these methods was ideal.  In a search of a better communication solution, Johnson Matthey management got in touch with us.

Our engineers visited the site and recommended our STS-K064 window intercom systems for six locations around the building where staff need to speak to each other through thick glass panels.

Unlike hand-held radios, the Contacta K06- range features a unique overhead speaker design which can be wall or screen-mounted; perfect for environments like the hydrogen facility where there is no counter or desktop.  Together with a directional microphone, it allows staff to have constant hands free communication.  Because communication is so much easier, longer conversations can be done ‘face-to-face’ through the glass and staff don’t have to meet in the airlock, saving time on both sides.

An additional call button was also installed on the warehouse side so that staff here can alert colleagues in the clean room that they want to talk to them.

HIGHLIGHTED QUOTE: “The window intercom systems are working really well, and we can now communicate clearly between the warehouse and clean rooms easily, quickly and hands-free.”

The installation process didn’t pose any problems to engineer, James Graves, but he did need to follow strict hygiene protocols to work on site.

When he entered the clean room he had to wear a protective suit and over-shoes.  All of his tools had to be put into bags to prevent dust falling off them.  He was also supplied with a radio to contact the maintenance team in case of any issues.

A staff member had to be present when he was drilling through into the clean room to vacuum up the debris as it fell.

“It was a different and interesting environment to work in,” said James, “but we always meet the needs of our clients in order to complete the installation to our high standards.”

Made In The UK MADE IN THE UK: We’re proud to say our Contacta designed products are manufactured in the UK

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