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50 window intercom systems for Greenwood Academies

The Greenwood Academies Trust is a large multi-academy Trust based in Nottinghamshire, UK. The Trust consists of 34 academies and educates over 17,000 pupils. Academies within the trust are clustered into four geographical regions in East Anglia, Northamptonshire/Bedfordshire, Nottingham/Leicester, and Peterborough. A central team provides support services for all operational aspects of the academies.

In April 2020, Greenwood Academies approached Contacta Systems to assist with and pre-empt any communication issues for their reception desks spread across its East Anglia cluster. Screens were being installed at various new locations across the academies in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, making communication more difficult for both pupils and staff.

The central team of the Greenwood Academies Trust wanted to prevent any potential issues from the installation of these screens between their staff and students or visitors. Their intention was to keep the academies open and fully functioning, whilst finding a solution to the evident communication challenge posed by the new screens.

Following the trusts’ inquiry, the sales team at Contacta made recommendations for Window Intercom Systems to ensure speech would always be heard despite the new screens. Our systems are simple to install for third parties and provide easy interactions where normal speech is impaired by glass, a security screen, or similar barriers.

Various systems were considered during the discussions with the Trust, to meet both the specific requirements of the reception desks and match their aesthetic preferences.

Contacta sales and technical support staff presented several options, detailing information on relevant standards, installation best practice, and what to consider regarding the surrounding environments of the systems.

Following these recommendations, fifty Surface Mounted Window Intercom Systems (STS-K002L) were supplied to the Greenwood Academies maintenance team, where on-going support has been provided to the Trusts maintenance team throughout the process enabling them to carry out successful installations in all locations. Hearing loops were also included to promote inclusivity for all visitors with hearing loss, allowing speech to be transferred directly to their hearing devices.

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