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Contacta K002L-Covid Vaccination Centre Dublin

Window intercoms installed at vaccination centre

Contacta’s window intercom systems are helping with the smooth running of the COVID vaccination appointments at Dublin’s National Show Centre, Ireland. Which has capacity for up to 5,000 vaccinations a day.

Thanks to the installation by our partners in the city, 212 Solutions, members of the public and medical staff can hear each other clearly through the safety screens on site.

20 service windows within the multi-purpose centre have been fitted with Contacta’s best-selling window intercom system, the STS-K002L.

This highly rated system provides the best sound quality across partitions and screens. It features an open-duplex amplifier, noise-cancelling staff microphone and an in-built hearing loop for customers with hearing aids.

The high-quality microphones pick up the person’s voice and not the surrounding background noise and together with high-performance speakers, conversation is crystal clear.

With a queue of people in the entrance, a waiting area, vaccination booths, a pharmacy, and with its high ceiling structure, the National Show centre has high levels of ambient noise, making the window intercoms essential for clear communication.

On the installation, Robert Creevey, MD of 212 Solutions said “We had to think carefully about how to position the speakers to make sure sound from the microphones was heard above the general noise in the centre,”

“Because Contacta’s systems are so flexible in their design, we were able to install the customer mic and speaker upside down, just above head height and relatively close together, which gave us a very good result.”

Contacta window intercoms have an unobtrusive design and are simple to install, even when some creativity is needed.  Robert’s team was able to remove and re-use 10 window intercom systems from an older installation and install new ones in all 20 windows, in less than a day.

In demand from healthcare settings across the UK and beyond, Contacta’s window intercom systems are market-leaders for a reason. They maintain safety, patient confidentiality and the smooth running of service for a wide array of sectors.

Made In The UK MADE IN THE UK: We’re proud to say our Contacta designed products are manufactured in the UK

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