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11,000 hearing loops – inclusive service for Tesco

Contacta installed its first hearing loops for a number of Tesco stores in London in readiness for the London Paralympics back in 2012.

This helped selected stores to deliver a great service experience for their customers with hearing loss.  Tesco knew this would be a valuable service to customers in every store nationwide.

While some stores already had hearing loops in place, Tesco wanted to offer a consistent service across the country and asked us to design a programme of installations that would see between one and eight hearing loops in each of their 4,330 Tesco and One Stop stores.

We used our IL-K300 Above the Counter Systems to enhance communication at till points, customer service desks, pharmacy counters, cafes and kiosks. The design of the system and its accompanying signage was adapted to suit Tesco’s requirements.

Some of the till points presented a challenge when it came to installing the microphones because their design was different from that of others in store. However, our engineers were able to come up with a bespoke solution.

What tested our team more, however, was completing more than 11,000 loop system installations in just over seven months.

Tesco hearing loop

This also challenged other parts of our business such as production, warehousing and scheduling but we were determined to meet the deadline.

The first Tesco store to receive its loops in this programme of work was Alloa Extra in Clackmannanshire in Scotland in April 2018.  The last was Rainworth Express in Nottinghamshire in November 2018.

“This has been a great piece of work and we have been delighted with Contacta’s can-do approach and support to the project,” said Tesco’s Operations Manager – Service, Anna Webb.

“We know that the team at Contacta will do their utmost to meet our requirements and the level of service has been second to none. There is still work to be done in our stores as we always strive to improve our accessibility for all our customers. We look forward to continuing that with Contacta.”

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