Our Q-Control enables efficient management of queues, so customers are served quickly and staff can operate efficiently. Orderly ‍‍‍queuing maximises throughput and promotes customer satisfaction by providing customers with both audio and visual direction to the next available position. This ensures customers with poor eyesight and/or hearing loss feel included and well served.

The modular system is simple to install and extremely easy for staff to use. Cabling can be concealed within counter frames for a neat appearance.

Q-Control System


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Bridge Bar Kit

Bridge bar Speech Transfer Kit

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counter hearing loop kit

Above The Counter Loop Kit

Portable Loop

IL-PL20-2 Portable Hearing Loop

Promotes customer satisfaction

Maintains an or‍‍‍derly queuing system

Simple and quick to install

Extremely easy to use

Sleek look

Versatile with voice and LED options

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