Portable Radio Frequency Transceiver – RF-TRX

RF-TRX Portable Radio Frequency Transceiver

Our two-directional Portable Radio Frequency Transceiver is a transmitter and receiver in one, allowing users to both speak and listen across 40 channels. It is splash-resistant and comes with a micro-USB power supply to make charging the unit simple and fast.

Up to 99 transceivers can be used per group, with one being defined the primary transmitter capable of both speech and listening. Two of the group’s secondary transmitters can be set to also speak and listen.


Ideal for situations where listeners require clear sound, tour guidance or interpretation.

  • Museums
  • Historical Sites
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Conferences
  • Places of Worship

System Components

Earworn Microphone

The earworn microphone for our Portable RF Transmitter has a 1.2 metre cable and 3.5mm colour-coded jack.

Microphone Options

Microphone for Portable RF Transmitter

Our microphone for use with the Portable RF Transmitter provides clear sound.



Our headset for use with the Portable RF Transceiver has a 1.2 metre cable and 3.5mm colour-coded jack.

10 Bay Charger Case

This 10 Bay Charger Case is for use with our Portable RF Transceivers and can hold up to 10 transceivers in a standing position.

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