Contacta Launches Next-Generation RF System for Assistive Listening

The latest Radio Frequency (RF) assistive listening systems from Contacta are now available. This all-new range includes powerful transmitters, wireless receivers and accessories that offer improved performance and new advanced features to provide assistive listening in a wide variety of venues and for tour guidance.

Why Choose RF Systems?

Radio frequency technology has the following advantages over other types of assistive listening equipment:

  • Simpler integration: RF transmitters can be fitted into any venue post-construction without complex physical installation.
  • Flexibility: These systems can be used in venues such as stadiums, boardrooms, museums and conventions as the radio signal can pass through walls and partitions. It is also suitable for outdoor use.
  • Quality Sound: A wider frequency bandwidth and improved audio reproduction makes the new RF system ideal for both speech and music.
  • Convenience: Users can connect to transmitters hands-free and by wearing headphones or inductive neck loops.

Contacta RF 865

Our new RF systems go a few steps further than their predecessors by having:

  • Increased Transmission Range: Extensive coverage that allows listeners to roam freely utilising 42 channels.
  • Fast Group Programming: Quick set-up of groups of receivers with PC compatibility and new Smart Chargers.
  • Improved Sound Quality: Wider frequency bandwidth up to 12KHz delivers excellent sound quality.
  • Improved Audio connectivity; Balanced XLR inputs, Phantom Power and Inbound Bluetooth streaming utilising two parallel inputs. Dante Transmitters available from June 2024.
  • All-new Handheld Mic transmitter, ideal for educational applications.
  • Improved transmission range using a more reliable 865MHz frequency to increase predictability of signal.

Inclusivity and Accessibility are Vital

Ready to break down communication barriers in your business with our RF technology? Learn more about the exciting possibilities our systems offer by clicking here or click here to get in touch TODAY.

Contacta is here to help your business create inclusive environments with our superior assistive listening technology.

Made In The UK MADE IN THE UK: We’re proud to say our Contacta designed products are manufactured in the UK

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