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Nationwide office building

Nationwide value sound clarity at service desks

Nationwide Building Society is the seventh largest cooperative financial institution in the UK. It is the world’s largest Building Society with over 15 million members. Nationwide has a 7.7% market share of UK current accounts and it is the second largest provider of household savings and mortgages in the UK.

Nationwide’s strong reputation for excellent customer service is well known in the UK, reflected by repeatedly winning consumer votes for service satisfaction.

Having an excellent customer satisfaction level means Nationwide’s mission states, it wants to make it easy for everyone to use the products and services. The society states its full commitment to continually improve accessibility for people with disability or long-term health conditions.

All Nationwide branches have a minimum of one counter position equipped with a hearing loop. This counter is clearly marked by appropriate signage and each branch also has at least one portable induction loop Contacta PL-20-2 for use in appointment rooms. The use of a portable hearing loop system gives flexibility around the branch, as the system can be taken from room to room whilst providing a good one-to-one solution as needed.

The working relationship with Contacta spans over 15 years. Contacta have been supplying Nationwide’s hearing loops and Speech Transfer Systems for counters with glazed screens throughout this period. Over the years, repeated reviews of the requirements and conditions in the branches have taken place.

In 2017 Contatca started a refurbishment initiative with Nationwide which encompasses most of its branches. This update includes newly designed counters installed at the service area of each branch.

The refit team at Nationwide requested a more modern looking speech transfer system that would integrate more seamlessly into the new windows, with no compromise on high sound quality, customer privacy and a hearing loop facility.

Contacta have accommodated this with a brand-new system design. This included a new screen mounted Microphone with a bent metal stem and an overhead loudspeaker. This new design provided the requested sound quality and privacy. The hearing loop systems has been concealed within the structure of the counters providing fully compliant signal.

The bespoke new system was designed to take into account the different counters and screen designs across the network of branches which includes split screens.

Contacta continue to roll out the new programme as Nationwide progress with their national refurbishment of branches.


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