We have an extensive range of products that boost customer service, enhance your reputation and help to resolve your accessibility issues.

Our talented in-house design team ensures that our products are at the forefront of technology. We work closely with our customers to review and develop the range, ensuring that we are able to deliver the right solution for you.

The build, construction and installation is carried out with precision by our team of skilled engineers, guaranteeing you the best performance.

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Speech Transfer Systems

Our speech transfer systems provide assistance for clear communication where normal speech is impaired by use of glass, a security screen or other similar barriers.

There is also a hearing loop facility included with our systems, which provides assistance for hearing aid wearers.

Large Area Loops

Our large area loops allow multiple hearing aid wearers to hear the desired sound source with complete clarity. Whether it be a small meeting room, a classroom or even a sports stadium, we can install discrete large area hearing loops to your specification.

1 to 1 Hearing Loops

Our one-to-one hearing loops allow hearing aid wearers to keep communication easy and natural. Speech is picked up by a microphone, converted to a magnetic impulse and transmitted via a loop system directly to the hearing aid switched to the T position. We offer above and below counter installations as well as a portable loop offering customers and staff crystal clear sound reproduction.

Queue Management System

Our queue management system provides optimum management of single line queues to a maximum of 16 service positions. The system provides both visual and audible direction to the customer, featuring a main display and a position indicator module. The positions are managed by staff with a mouse control unit that is situated at each till. Our system is flexible, providing you with multiple options for display and announcements.

The secure transfer and storage of objects is a necessity for the smooth running of business in organisations working with cas‍‍‍h and documents. Our security solutions guarantee a reliable reputation and prevent threatening situations for staff. We offer bulk transfer units, pedestals, cash trays and many more solutions for your business.

MyHailo enables disabled dri‍‍‍vers to hail for help from your staff when at the petrol pump without having to draw attention to themselves and disturb other customers by honking the horn. The system then reassures customers that the message has been received. Endorsed by Disabled Motoring UK and attracting fantastic feedback, MyHailo makes your business accessible and encourages customers to return. Visit for more information.

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